Move the 3D blocks

With 2021 already ending, and only a few months after the launch of Blocks 3D Puzzle, given the success of this great puzzle application for Android, we inform you that the launch for iOS is near.

We want to give you a recap of everything we have been telling you about this fashion game. So if you don’t want to miss information on this topic, keep reading and move the 3D blocks.

Access the game here!

Move the 3D blocks

Multitude of puzzle levels

You have 350 levels of different difficulties from which you can choose which one suits you and is a challenge. Click here if you want to know more about the levels of the game.

Three dimensions of movement

This game is not like the others, and it has three spatial dimensions in which you can play. If you want to know more about these three dimensions and how you have to move in them, click here .

Spatial logic

This game is a great mental aid for people of all types. If you want to know more about how to train your brain with this game you can do it by clicking here .

Tips and Tricks

Practice makes expert. But if you still want us to tell you how to solve the puzzles in a more efficient way, you can find out by reading this post .

Get hints

If you’re stuck and need us to give you clues, there are several ways to do it. If you want to know all the ways to get clues, you can find them by pressing this link .

Build blocks

This game model is very beneficial for us as well as entertaining, if you want to know the benefits of building blocks and why, you can go to this Post .

How to play Blocks 3D Puzzle

If you haven’t started playing yet and need some guidance, you can go to this Post where we will teach you the basic principles to know how to play the game.

Move the 3D blocks

Don’t think twice, download the game and move the 3D blocks while you train your mental agility with Blocks 3D Puzzle!

So far today’s post. Remember that if you like the game you can give us a fabulous five stars. And if you have something to add, any recommendation, advice or have a problem with the game or difficulty, you can always contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

Hopefully you enjoy this challenging puzzle game that will help improve your mental agility!

If you have doubts and need some advice to advance in the game, read this post .

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