Beating Blocks 3D Puzzle

Each level on Blocks 3D Puzzle is unique and the level of difficulty quickly rises once you begin the Advanced category. If you’re having trouble getting past some levels, read this post for some good tips for beating the game.

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Beating Blocks 3D Puzzle - Level 28

When starting a new level, look carefully at the board. Create a strategy before moving any pieces.

Look at the shadow on the empty board and make sure each square of the shadow gets covered.

Work your way from the bottom up. Try to identify the blocks on the bottom of the structure and place those, first.

When the pieces are all different colors, it is much easier. But what happens when different pieces of the same color touch and look like one giant piece? This is one of the biggest challenges of Blocks 3D Puzzle. You have to analyze the different pieces and see how they can fit together to create the final structure. 

Spinning the board left or right can be very useful (and fun!). 

Beating Blocks 3D Puzzle - Level 43

Work from the inside out, if possible. It can be difficult, but if you have a 3×3 structure or bigger, you have to imagine the interior of the structure based on what you see of the exterior.

Look for pieces sticking out from the higher sections of the structure. What pieces can create those overhangs? Likewise, an empty space is an important clue. Pieces cannot float on their own.

After you play for a while, you will notice patterns. Certain shapes will repeat throughout the levels and you will begin to understand how the pieces can combine to create those shapes.

The light bulb for beating the game

Use the light bulb hints as a last resort. It will show you the structure with the pieces spaced apart. If you run out of these hints, you’ll have to purchase more OR get 100 stars for one more hint. Maybe you could go back and beat the easy Beginner levels to get those stars.

Once you have completed the level, challenge yourself to go back and do it in a faster time. Can you do it fast enough to get all 3 stars?

Don’t think twice, download the game and apply these tips for beating the game Blocks 3D Puzzle!

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Hopefully you enjoy this wonderful puzzle game!

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