How to play Blocks 3D Puzzle

In this game you will have to build 3D figures using pieces in the typical shapes that we all know from the TETRIS game. Do you want to learn to play? Keep reading this post to find out how to play this new generation of puzzle games!

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Cover figure of Blocks 3D Puzzle

Multitude of levels

So that all audiences are able to play this game, we designed different levels according to complexity. In this way, both children and adults will be able to start building these blocks and have as many challenges as they want to solve.

How to play Blocks 3D Puzzle

In the game you drag the pieces that are at the bottom of the screen with your finger to place them on the board. A shadow that is cast by the piece will help you know where it will fall when you release your finger.

How to play Blocks 3D Puzzle

As the game is in 3D, we will need to rotate the board from time to time to visualize the construction from all its angles. To do this, we will slide the board from left to right or from right to left, and it will move 90 degrees in the desired direction.

Instructions for the game Blocks 3D Puzzle

Time counts

But be careful not to get too distracted by moving the board because time counts! Don’t worry because no matter how long it takes to solve the puzzle, you will always get a star, but if you want to get more stars you will have to speed up the process and be faster. If you don’t get it and you want more stars, you can always retry the level and have another chance to get it.

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Hopefully you enjoy this wonderful puzzle game!

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