Blocks builder

Since we are very young, we find a great attraction in playing and handling blocks of different dimensions, sizes and shapes. This is due to the innate ability that human beings have to create and to solve the enigmas that are presented to them. Therefore, popular games like LEGO, or video games like Minecraft, have been so successful so far. Do you dare to try new games to build with blocks?

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Blocks builder

New blocks builder entertainment

Here we show you an application that combines building blocks with finding a single solution to a problem presented. This means double entertainment. In Blocks 3D Puzzle, you will face different challenges gradually, while you are having fun building structures with different blocks. You will have to use your visual and spatial intelligence. And you will have to discern between the different colors, the different shapes, even the different meanings of the lines drawn on these blocks. Will you be able to solve the levels more complicated?

Different shapes of blocks

Thanks to the three-dimensional mobility of the board on which the pieces are arranged, you can easily distinguish the different shapes, and plan in advance what your movements will be. If you also need a new challenge, you can attend to the amount of time necessary to solve the riddle. Plan your movements carefully, and you will save seconds. The more seconds you save, the more stars you will earn. Click here , if you want to know what happens when you earn more stars.

There are seven different types of pieces, with different meanings. And 10 different textures, which differentiate between colors and stripes of different senses for each of the blocks. Each scenario will have unique different blocks, that is, the same block is not repeated in the same scenario. This little clue will help you solve many of the puzzles. If you want more tips and tricks, click here .
Have you managed to identify all the different forms that exist? Do they remind you of a well-known game?

Blocks builder

What are you waiting for to improve your skills? Train your three-dimensional spatial logic with Blocks 3D Puzzle!

Blocks builder

Don’t think twice, download the game and start your blocks builder experience!

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Hopefully you enjoy this challenging puzzle game that will help improve your mental and spatial agility!

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