Spatial logic in three dimensions

What is spatial logical intelligence? It is the type of intelligence related to the understanding of aspects such as figures, lines, space, colors, shapes and the ability of a person to make use of them and respond to three-dimensionality. The question is, can this skill be improved? Can we get to train it to perfect it? The answer is yes! Keep reading this post to know how to improve spatial logic in three dimensions.

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Spatial logic in three dimensions

How to train spatial logic in three dimensions

There are several ways to train your spatial reasoning , among them, playing the game chess, solve puzzles, and even fly a drone. But also, to train this skill, you can play video games or train with LEGO. This is why we know the best method to train spatial logic in a comfortable, fast and efficient way. This is playing Blocks 3D Puzzle! And is that, playing this video game, you combine both training through the construction with pieces like LEGO while you solve a puzzle, learning through observation, knowing how to recognize settings, figures, details and objects in different ways. There is no more complete way to exercise this ability.

What is spatial logic for?

People with a marked spatial tendency tend to think of images and photographs, visualize them, design them or draw them. It is related to the mental representation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces and to the resolution of spatial problems, whether real or imaginary.

Spatial logic in three dimensions

Therefore, training this mental characteristic can help you when solve problems . You will be faster and more efficient . You will solve obvious spatial problems, such as parking a car in a small space. And also other problems that arise. For example, decision making in which you will need to take into account different and multiple variables that are connected to each other.

Also, if you are a student and you reinforce this skill, you will have the ability to learn much faster. You will reduce your study hours and enjoy more free time.

And not only that, but for sick people who have suffered some kind of decrease in cognition , it will help them to recover certain faculties and neural connections much earlier through of the so-called brain plasticity.

What are you waiting for to improve your skills? Train your three-dimensional spatial logic with Blocks 3D Puzzle!

Spatial logic in three dimensions

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Hopefully you enjoy this challenging puzzle game that will help improve your mental and spatial agility!

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