Questions and Answers about the trending puzzle

There are many of you who have asked us several questions about this incredible puzzle. Many of you have told us about the challenge of the more complicated levels and the benefits that you are seeing while playing the game. You have told us that it is indeed a very appropriate game to improve certain cognitive qualities, as well as to practice the aspects of spatial logic . However, we have received several comments and suggestions and that is why in this Post we will talk about your questions and we will tell you all the answers about this fashion puzzle.

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Questions and Answers about the trending puzzle

There will be more levels

For all those eager who have already been able to enjoy more than 300 levels that has Blocks 3D puzzle, we have very good news for you. And is that many of you have asked us to remove more levels to increase the fun. So as we want to keep our customers happy, we have started working on increasing the number of levels in the game. We announce that we will soon release a new version that will include hundreds of new levels of the game that will be more popular in 2022.

Questions and Answers about the trending puzzle

Online score

We have also received many requests asking for a world ranking of the score obtained in the levels. We understand that this is a very attractive feature of the game, many of us like to compete and we like to see our positive results. However, this is a feature that we are still considering in the long term. However, we will take it into consideration and we will surely include it in future updates.

Kids version

Another of the frequently received questions is whether we are going to release a version for children. At the moment we have not thought about this option, but it certainly seems like a great idea. So we have been starting to consider releasing a special version so that all our kids can play, have fun and entertain themselves while learning while doing a puzzle very didactic.

Questions and Answers about the trending puzzle

Do you accept the challenge? Will you be able to solve all the levels?

So far today’s post. Remember that if you like the game you can give us a fabulous five stars. And if you have something to add orany recommendation you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We hope you liked our post about questions and answers and that you enjoy this wonderful puzzle game!

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