Logic games

Logic games are a powerful educational tool to stimulate and motivate learning.
Logic games in addition to promoting the development of logical thinking, promote understanding. This type of game allows you to play in a deliberate and planned way to achieve results. This is why they encourage mental calculations. They can even promote the development of self-esteem.

But also, & nbsp; they favor the acquisition of flexibility and mental agility, promote ingenuity, creativity and imagination and stimulate inductive-deductive reasoning. & nbsp;

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Logic game

Puzzles and puzzles in mental development

Puzzles are the most common and popular games used to develop spatial logic.

But there are many more reasons why you should consider puzzles a powerful tool for your brain.

The puzzles help to reflect before acting , and to have a greater awareness of the actions to be carried out.

Increases the ability to concentrate , helps to observe, explore new objects and new shapes, and temporarily quench, yes, curiosity until the next puzzle.

They help to develop a spatial and mathematical vision , which facilitates learning new concepts based on the shapes, colors and pieces that the puzzles have.

Perfect fine motor skills , and therefore, it is a good exercise to improve hand-eye coordination, which is visual-motor coordination. Increasing the handling and control of small parts.

Increases precision and cognitive skills, both in children and adults.

Enhances perceptual reasoning , and problem solving. A child who plays with a puzzle learns to handle frustration in a healthy way, and will not get angry when he cannot fit the pieces, but will find a way to achieve his goals.

They improve self-esteem and enhance motivation in adults, youth and children. As well as help reduce the level of stress in adulthood.

Logic game

Puzzles in apps on your mobile

Nowadays you have the combination of all the benefits that a puzzle offers you, at the same time that you can enjoy it wherever you are.
By downloading the puzzle that has gone viral this year, Blocks 3D Puzzle, you have guaranteed fun. And not only that, but as we have already mentioned in the post, you will be able to improve a multitude of brain capacities.

What are you waiting for to download it?

Don’t think twice, download the game and enjoy learning with Blocks 3D Puzzle!

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Hopefully you enjoy this wonderful puzzle game!

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