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Among the thousands of free games offered today on mobile platforms, Blocks 3D Puzzle stands out for its design and innovation.

If you still don’t know it and you like games like jenga, tetris, or you have always liked to build with LEGO pieces, we are totally sure that you will enjoy this new game concept.

Access the game here!

Juegos gratis

Play for free

The game has 250 levels free to play, divided according to their difficulty . It starts with 50 beginner-level levels, ideal to start getting used to the movement of the pieces on the board. If you think that these levels are too easy for you, you can directly jump to the next set of levels, intermediate level, and check if these are the levels that pose a challenge for you.

If you still think that these levels are very easy for you, and of course you have already learned to perform the precise movement with the pieces on the board using your fingers, you can directly go to the advanced level and try to solve the levels without it is necessary to go through the two previous sets of levels.

However, in order to play the other three sets of levels, you will need to have passed at least the set of Advanced levels. That’s when the next set of levels will be unlocked and you can continue playing completely free.

Juegos gratis

Unlocking levels

Sometimes, to unlock levels, we will ask you to watch a short video before playing. The last two sets of levels are the most difficult, and are only suitable for privileged minds who have already completed all the previous levels. In addition, these levels will require a small contribution to the developer in order to play.

Don’t worry, you have plenty of levels to enjoy for free. And if you want more levels than what already exist, you can help the developer survive and not succumb to starvation with a negligible contribution of money.

Go ahead and download one of the best free games of the moment.

Juegos gratis

Don’t think twice, download the game and if you get stuck go to puzzles on social networks to overcome the puzzle!

So far today’s post. Remember that if you like the game you can give us a fabulous five stars. And if you have something to add, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Hopefully you enjoy this challenging puzzle game that will help improve your mental and spatial agility!

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