Download the puzzle for free

Today we have a wide range of applications for Android with which we can entertain ourselves and develop our capabilities. However, not all of these applications are free, and many of them flood us with unnecessary advertising.

You can’t miss this post where we tell you about a game for Android that you can enjoy for free and with which you can play more than 300 levels.

Access and download the puzzle for free here!

download the puzzle for free

350 free puzzle levels

So that you can enjoy it for free and assess whether you like this game enough to buy the extended version, we have arranged for you 250 levels completely free so you can learn to play and enjoy the more advanced levels.

Sophistication and design

Not because it is free, this game lacks an enormous quality in both the playability and the design.
We put at your disposal a game elaborated in the most meticulous detail that has a spectacular design and precise playability so that you can enjoy movement in three dimensions.

download the puzzle for free

No limits for fun

The great innovation that this game presents with respect to others of its genre, is the mobility in three dimensions. This will allow you to move the pieces to build the figure in a unique way.

This feature is not common in Android applications and puzzle games as it is not easy to implement a world of three dimensions. This is because of the must of having to interact through a two-dimensional flat screen.

However, thanks to the game board and the shadows cast by the pieces, it will not be difficult for you to move the structures in a three-dimensional space.

download the puzzle for free

If you have previously played games like tetris, jenga, or just like to build with LEGO blocks, this is the game for you. Enjoy this puzzle for free.

Will you be able to replicate the more complex structures that we have prepared for your entertainment?

So far today’s post. Remember that if you like the game you can give us a fabulous five stars. And if you have something to add, or you find a problem with the game, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Hopefully you enjoy this wonderful puzzle game!

Download the puzzle for free now!

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