Building blocks with Blocks 3D Puzzle

We have all played the famous block game TETRIS at some time. But what if we can combine these blocks to create infinite three-dimensional figures? Would you be able to solve them? In this post we will discuss some of the tips to follow if you want to have skill building these blocks in the most difficult levels.

Access the game here!

Building blocks with Blocks 3D Puzzle App

Easy levels

For those who want to start from scratch, we have arranged a series of low difficulty levels so that you can gain fluency in the different movements that the game allows. We understand that many of you will find these levels very easy and you will want to skip them to advance towards more complicated levels. But our suggestion is that despite being simple constructions, in these levels you will find the perfect training to gain agility with the tiles. And thus be able to move with more ease in the most complicated levels.

Building blocks with Blocks 3D Puzzle App

Difficult levels

There are many of you who have already written us commenting that some of you have difficulty positioning the piece, given the distance between the finger and the shadow. However, despite what you may think, this is not the problem for which you have this complication. The problem is that you have skipped the simple levels! And this is why you have not gained the necessary skill that we have so meticulously planned that you would win once you have completed all the levels.

Don’t think twice, download the game and enjoy building blocks with Blocks 3D Puzzle!

So far today’s post. Remember that if you like the game you can give us a fabulous five stars. And if you have something to add, any recommendation or have a problem with the game, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Hopefully you enjoy this wonderful puzzle game!

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